Thursday, September 9, 2010

Avealmec has a new Executive Board

Hi dear followers!

We are pleased to announce that AVEALMEC, the Venezuelan CALL Association, has a new Executive Board who will continue leading the ICT in ELT field in Venezuela. The new Board members for 2010-2012 are:

Evelyn Izquierdo - President (UCV)
Miguel Mendoza - Vice President (UCV)
Maricarmen Gamero - Secretary (UNEFM)
Victor Osorio - Treasurer (UPEL-IPB)
Elvina Castillo - Vocal  (UNEFM)

Acting members:
Teadira Pérez - President (ULA)
Rubena St. Louis - Vice President (USB)
Yohimar Sivira - Treasurer (UNEFM)
Nahir Aparicio - Vocal (UPEL-IPB)

The best wishes to this team for another successful performance as the one led by our former President Teadira Pérez.