Virtual Conference 2009

Social Networking: Thriving as a community of practice-2009


AVEALMEC and ARCALL are two Latin-American associations interested in promoting the use of ICT in the language classroom. They have joined forces to organize this first regional event to help spread the word on the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the language classroom. This first conference will focus on social networks and their potential to create communities of practice to share, communicate without barriers and enhance the teaching-learning process in the language classroom.
This conference will have guest speakers not only from South America but from different parts of the world. Their presentations will range from proposing an alternative theory to understand how the sea of information available on the net sparks connections, thus creating new information and a different way of learning to the possible e-environments where these connections are likely to take place. Environments generally made up of like-minded people (communities of practice) networking, connecting, sharing and building new knowledge or experiences.
Guest Speakers  

Guest speaker
George Siemens (Canada)
Connectivism and social networking
Etienne Wenger  (USA)
Communities of Practice: a Social Discipline of Learning
Charalambos Vrasidas (Cyprus) and María Solomou (Cyprus)
Social Networking for Professional Development
Vance Stevens (Abu Dhabi-UAE)
Modeling Social Media in Groups, Communities and Networks
Graham Stanley (UK-Spain)
Before and after Twitter: Personal Learning Environments
Nicky Hockly (UK-Spain)
Edmodo and the wired classroom
Carla Arena (Brazil)
Flickr: Design that Connects
Nellie Muller Deutsch (Israel)
Wikieducator: a Community of Educators
Nik Peachey (UK)
From Information to Knowledge: Creating Your Own Development Network
Ronaldo Lima Jr & Erika Cruvinel (Brazil)
Ed Tech and Social Networking
Jennifer Verschoor (Argentina), Evelyn izquierdo (Venezuela), Erika Cruvinel (Brazil).
 Webheads in Action: Connecting to Empower
Rita Zeinstejer (Argentina) and Paula Ledesma (Argentina)
 The Web 2.0: Honing Social Skills

Conference e-tools

Wiziq: Video-conferences
Moodle: Forums
Yahoo group: Organizers and guest speakers

It is free and open to language teachers from Latin-American or any other country around the world interested in social networking and its educational role in the language classroom.
Important dates

Speakers´summaries submission: August 30th, 2009
Registration: September 29th, 2009
Pre-event: October 31st – November 4th , 2009
Event (Video-conference): November 5th- 8th, 2009
Post-event (Forums): November 10th – 20th, 2009 

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