Thursday, November 5, 2009

Social Networking 2009 Video-conferences Start Today!!!!

Dear all,

AVEALMEC and ARCALL are pleased to announce that the video-conferences for Social Networking 2009 start today, Thursday, November 5th!

Join us in Wiziq and meet our guest speakers for today who will be sharing with us their ideas on:

1. The Web 2.0: Honing Social Skills by Rita Zeinstejer and Paula Ledesma, 17:00-19:00 (GMT) 12:30 PM (VEN), 2:00 PM (ARG).
E-moderators: Evelyn Izquierdo-Miguel Mendoza-Yohimar Sivira

3. Connectivism and Social Networking by George Siemens, 20:00-22:00 (GMT), 3:30 PM (VEN), 5:00 PM (ARG).
E-moderators: Elvina Castillo - Evelyn Izquierdo-Teadira Pérez

4. Flickr: Design that Connects by Carla Arena, 22:00-00:30 (GMT) , 5:30 PM (VEN) 7:00 PM (ARG).
E-moderators: Evelyn Izquierdo- Nahir Aparicio-Yohimar Sivira

Remember you will need to have your own Wiziq account! Here is a WiZiQ tutorial:

Do not forget to participate in our forums. There are thought-provoking discussing taking place:

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